Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I need to Re-boot!

I'm sitting here fighting maybe my 3rd or 4th sinus infection/cold in the past six months or so. My son, ManBoy is also sick. The younger two are as well but not as bad. This time we got it from spending a week with 300+ kids at VBS. It seems lately like we are constantly sick!

MyHero and I watched a documentary last night that was recommended by a friend. It's called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!" This guy from Australia got fed up with having to take so many pills for his disease and decided to see if he could help his body heal itself. He went on a 60 day juice fast. It worked! The man no longer has to take anything for his condition which basically was one that caused the histamines in his body to go haywire at the slightest provocation. He was on some really strong steroids to control it.

While he was on his fast and touring the US, he found another guy who has the exact same condition. The other guy eventually decided that he needed to make a change and is now also off his meds I believe. Wow!! That's impressive!

Closer to home, I have a dear friend who recently tried this for about 10 days or so. She said that she has never felt so well as she did after the detox period. I'm convinced! Now, I just need to get my hands on a juicer and some fresh organic fruits and veggies! Anyone want to join us for a 15 day juice fast??? We'll let you know when we decide to start!

Be warned, they say the first 3 days are absolutely horrible. But if you can make it past those, you'll feel soooo much better! Also, if you have any kind of medical condition, it's best to consult your doctor before you start something like this. Here's a website to learn more!

If you want to check out the documentary, we found it on Netflix, but here is the site for that too.