Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Planning for the New School Year

It has not been a fun week to be me! Well, it actually started over night Friday. During that night the headache I'd been fighting for nearly 2 weeks blossomed into a full blown migraine. The problem was that I didn't have any of my medication for it. Uuuugh! It was nearly 2 days and 3 nights of migraine pain off and on. When it was bad just turning my head made me feel dizzy and nauseous.

Times like that make me wonder why God allows me to endure such pain. I know He has a purpose for it. Haven't been able to figure it out yet, except that it allows me to appreciate the times when I feel good so much more.

Now that I'm feeling better, I have been working on more lesson planning. My goal is to start school back up August 19th and so far we seem to be on track for that. It's looking to be an interesting year.

ManBoy will be in 10th grade, Fashionista in 8th and RoboBoy in 7th. I am working to get all three kids back to grade level in math so this year we are focusing on some specific remedial math skills. We will also be placing great emphasis on cementing those math facts.

Here is a breakdown of the curriculum we will be using this year and which kids will be using each:

  • "Exploring World History" by Ray Notgrass - ManBoy
    (This incorporates Language Arts, History and Bible in one curriculum)
  • - Fashionista and RoboBoy
    (They will be doing Language Arts and Social Studies)
  • "English from the Roots Up" - All three
  • Key To Fractions Workbooks - All three
  • Key To Decimals Workbooks - All three
  • Answers in Genesis "The Astronomy Book" - All Three
Although ManBoy is now in high school, I'm not worrying too much about following the prescribed college prep courses with him. He has his heart set on becoming a baker and so that is where my focus is for him. I'd like to see him go to a trade school for that, but not at all sure what direction that will take. It would be nice if he could do some sort of internship with a cake decorator or something. His personal plan is to get a job at the local grocery store bakery as soon as he turns 16.

With Fashionista getting so close to entering high school, I'm beginning to think college prep for her. She has expressed interest in becoming a fantasy writer and already practices writing her own books. She hasn't totally made up her mind yet though. Whatever she chooses, I'm fairly certain that it will entail a college degree which means that now is the time to begin preparing for that.

RoboBoy is still in that blessed grace period before we have to begin seriously thinking about how to prepare for his future. He has declared that he wants to be an Explorer when he grows up. Not sure how he intends to make a living that way, but it does sound like fun!

I just finished updating and scheduling the chores each of my kids will have throughout the year. The Lord has convicted me lately about becoming so slack on teaching them good work habits. I'm just praying that He gives me the endurance and consistency I need to make this next school year a success.

What are your plans for the new school year? I'd love to hear about them! Also, please go check out the other blogs in this Blog Hop! High School Homeschool Blog Hop