Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sweet, Sweet Sound?

We had a bit of an ugly scene in our house this morning while trying to get everyone out the door for church. Sound familiar in any way?? My attitude wasn't what it needed to be. RoboBoy was having trouble waking up, having been up too late last night. MyHero was at the end of his patience. He finally ended up saying, "Forget it! I'll just bring the other two." My reaction was, "Fine! What EVER!" Like I said, I had an ugly attitude this morning. (head hung in shame)

I sent RoboBoy back to bed and prepared to watch the Live Service on my laptop. The church was playing background music as I waited for the service to start. But the Holy Spirit was already at work on my heart. The old worship song, "I Love You Lord" was being sung by one of the modern bands.

I Love You Lord,
And I lift my voice,
to worship You!
Oh, my soul rejoice!

Take joy my King,
in what You hear!
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
in Your ear.

Wooah!! Wait a minute!!! I've NOT been a very sweet sound in Your ear lately, Lord! I'm so sorry! I want to lift my voice in worship to You, even as I deal with my husband and children. Lord, You just showed me that the way I react to others can be a worship to You and a sweet sound in Your ear, or it can be putrid and not in anyway an act of worship. Please help me to learn to be in worship to You in ALL I do, every moment of my life! By my actions and reactions. Please show me how to act and react as YOU would. Amen.

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