Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So Much to be Thankful For!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have SO much to be thankful for!! I could seriously go on and on and on and I know you could too. One of the things I'm especially thankful for at the moment is that I DON'T have to do any cooking for tomorrow! I'm letting Bob Evans do all my cooking for me. MyHero is going to be picking up our meal today and then all we have to do is reheat everything tomorrow.

So I'm looking forward to a day of relaxing and crocheting!! That will be good since I have a TON of crochet orders to get done! Yep! People actually pay me to do something that I love and would be doing anyway!! Yet another thing to be thankful for!

We are "babysitting" our neighbor's dog while they are out of town. This is going to be quite interesting since our dog is scared of their dog. She is bigger than him although not much taller. Segmenting them should not be too hard though since their dog has her porter here to stay in. It is still going to be quite the adventure. It may turn out to be fuel for great homeschool fiction since my daughter loves to write!


Kat said...

I don't have to cook over the holidays, but that's because I stink at it and every time the family doles out contributions, I always get the ham. Cause I can buy it and they don't have to worry about me ruining it. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and got to actually relax and crochet! :)


Dee said...

LOL, Katie! This cracks me up! We had a lovely Thanksgiving! And I did get LOTS of crochet time!