Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowed In!

We made it to Arkansas! Had a very nice drive here. The dog traveled much better than I anticipated. As did the kids for the most part.

We had a wonderful Christmas. It turned out to be a white Christmas for us. Started raining late Christmas Eve and continued through Christmas morning. By that afternoon it had turned to snow. Great big flakes of snow! and LOTS of it! In fact, it has been a record snow for this area. My kids are LOVING it! They had never seen snow till now. They are getting their fill of it now. I wanted to post pictures, but the only internet we have access to is moving extremely SLOWLY right now. I guess the pictures will have to wait.

My kids have been spending time playing video games with their cousin and their older cousin's boyfriend. Some of the games they are playing have language that I am not thrilled with. Hoping they will not choose to study vocabulary from those games! If they do they will find themselves in big trouble! We just might have to end up having a homeschool language arts lesson!

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