Friday, June 28, 2013

Is it the weekend yet?

Oh, my! What a crazy week! Fashionista started her summer of 5-Day Clubs with CYIA, (Christian Youth In Action). I spent the week playing chauffeur to her and her dad. We have one vehicle and they both had to be in places across town from each other at the same time. I dropped MyHero off at work a bit early then scooted over to the CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) office to drop Fashionista off to head out with her team.

Fashionista and her team were at a local church all week. This next week they have no clubs due to the July 4th holiday. I have been working out and running almost every day this past week and would like to continue getting up early to do this in the coming week.

Speaking of working out and trying to loose weight...I think I've figured out why I went months working out like a maniac but not able to loose a single pound. I realized that I'm beginning the wonderful adventure of perimenopause. Along with that comes the tendency to gain and retain weight. So I decided to try one of those menopause symptom relief supplements. I'll have to let you know if it helps. Of course, I'm also recommitting to eating better. My new motto that I'm trying to keep in my head is, "You can't out exercise a bad diet."

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