Thursday, October 27, 2011

Freethinking Homeschoolers

What give us the right to be freethinking homeschoolers? Think about it! What gives us the right to think that we are the best teachers for our own kids? Just because it's been that way for centuries before public education was ever instituted.

And what gives us the gall to think that we can live a lifestyle of learning just because it has turned out the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Wolfgang Mozart, Irving Berlin, Louis Armstrong, Leann Rimes, Fredrick Terman (President of Standford University), Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Booker T. Washington,  and Albert Einstein. JUST to name a few famous homeschoolers!

What gives us the freedom to think that we can teach our children to think for themselves just because the rest of the world seems to have forgotten how to do that?

What gives us the right to keep our kids from being "socialized" in public schools just because we daily hear about the bullying, sex and drugs that predominate most public schools?

Yes, I'm a freethinking homeschooler and I'm teaching my kids to be the same! How about joining us?? Here is another mom who has encapsulated why I teach my kids at home!


topsy-techie said...

Beautifully written, Dee!

Dee said...

Thank you so much!