Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are We REALLY Unschooling???

I've never really thought of my method of teaching my children as unschooling. However, when I get right down to it, I guess we really do a lot of unschooling! For instance, one of our favorite ways to learn science is through watching "Myth Busters". "Myth Busters" is a show on the Discovery Channel. They take different myths and put them to the test using scientific methods. One that we just watched involved finding out, if an object traveling forward is released from another object traveling the opposite direction at the same rate of speed will fall straight down. The Myth Busters have a lot of fun testing these myths and therefore make learning science fun.

Another really cool way that we learn science in our house is watching the show from the Science Channel called, "How It's Made". They show how everyday things are actually manufactured. They've shown everything from computers to jeans!

I imagine that I could find lots and lots of other examples of how we are actually unschooling in our home. For example, my kids love to cook. Every time they do they are practicing their fractions, reading, following instructions and a whole slew of other skills.

My kids also enjoy attempts at writing their own stories. This is not something that I ever assigned to them to do. They just decided to try it so I let them go for it. Can you think of any ways that you are unschooling in your home??

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