Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still losing!

I'm down another pound this week! Yippee! A big part of me really wants this to happen faster, but I keep reminding myself, "Slow and steady wins the race!" This refers to my weight loss, not my movement!

I also was able to break past a MAJOR (for me) fitness barrier this past week! Warning:  Any guys reading this, you may want to tune out for the next paragraph or two.  

I tend to have very painful periods due to having Endometriosis. Because of that, I've always taken my period as an excuse to lay off working out. Previously, this has caused often long disruptions to my workout routine with me taking weeks or months to get back to working out. Doesn't make for very consistent weight loss!

Last month, I was thrilled that I was able to get right back into my routine after taking 10 days off for my period. This month, I'm elated that I've not taken ANY days off!! I managed to continue my workouts right through the cramps! I felt better during this period than I have in forever! My hope is that I'll never have to skip another workout due to my period again!

Ok, guys, you can tune back in here! I'm adding in a new thing to my "rest days". I want to start doing yoga on my non-workout days. A friend told me about this DVD that offers a Christian Alternative to yoga and I ordered it. It's called PraiseMoves Flow and incorporates scripture into the workout. They have other workout videos on their site as well. There's even one called, PraiseMoves Alphabetics DVD!
It's all yoga postures that mirror the letters of the Hebrew alphabet! Now that's what I call a unique way to put words in ABC order!

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