Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can't Get Me Down!

It has been an interesting week. During one of my workouts last week, I pulled or injured a muscle in my abdomen. After that I would get intense pain when I moved or stretched certain ways. Not fun! Because of this, I knew I was going to have to modify my fitness bootcamp workout with the girls on Saturday. I was already feeling at a disadvantage because of that.

So then our instructor, Brandice, had us go do some suicide runs on a strip of pavement nearby. I was on my way back from the very first cone when my knees buckled and I wiped out on the pavement. How embarrassing! Brandice wouldn't let me do any more of the suicide runs after that. I joked that I guess I took the name of the drill a little too seriously. I did manage to get through the bootcamp in one piece, although my knee and palms are a bit scraped up.

I've been very careful this week to let the muscles in my abdomen rest and heal. I believe my injury is healing nicely since I can now do the stretches that before were causing so much pain. What a relief!

This past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the soldiers and veterans who sacrificed so that I can have my precious freedoms!

We celebrated the holiday by taking MyHero's mother to the beach! We all had a great time and then enjoyed a wonderful meal back at our house.

By the way! Did you know that you can get a Memorial Day spelling list at You can even go into the play games section and play hangman. What a neat way to learn the meaning of Memorial Day while learning spelling words at the same time!

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