Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Signed Up For My First Race

I just signed up for my very first race,  the Chick-fil-A Fall Stampede! I'm so excited! This race is a benefit for children's cancer. I'm glad to be running while helping in such a great cause. I still need to get some good running shoes. Hoping to be able to do that this weekend.

This week will again be filled with lesson planning. This is my last big push to get it all done! If you are wondering why in the world this is taking me so long, believe me I'm wondering the same thing! It's because I'm planning for the entire year for 3 kids in at least 5 subjects for each. That is a LOT of work! However, it will save me in the long run in a couple of ways. First, once all this planning is done, I will be able to simply make assignments during the rest of the year. Second, I will be able to re-use many of these lesson plans with my two younger kids. So, yes, this is going to be worth all this pain. And, yes, I have asked myself that many times during this process!

Since I'm devoting this week to getting these lesson plans FINISHED, I'm only attending to my basic weekly duties for work. One of my duties is to monitor and update our Facebook pages for two of our sites. Check them out:  Learning Games For Kids and It can be a challenge to decide what to post to these pages each day. Today I decided to post about root word games in the vocabulary page. The learning games page got a post about slow motion science. You really should check out the video on that site about soap bubbles. It's super cool!

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