Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Turned 45 and MyHero Got a New Wife!

This past Friday I turned 45! I'm not afraid to tell my age. Maybe it's the Aspie in me, but it's just not that big a deal to me.

I had been telling MyHero that I wanted to go get my hair permed and cut for my birthday. He had agreed that I could do that. Then I started looking online and found a site where I could "try on" the hairstyles to see how they looked on me. It even gave me recommendations for what styles would look best with my face. After seeing some of these styles I realized that I really didn't need a perm. My hair has PLENTY of body and wave all on it's own.

So it was time to go get it done! The guy who did it was very nice, although very lost! Please pray for him! I showed him the pics of the styles that had been recommended for me and together we chose our favorite. Then he went to work making it work for me. I kept looking at the pieces of hair landing in my lap and commented that there was WAY too much gray in them. I was going to grab a box of color on my way home and do it myself. Then my hairdresser offered to do it for $10 less than the normal price. I thought, "Well, MyHero already approved the perm, but since I'm not doing that, I think I can do this instead!" So I went for it. I'm so glad I did!

This is me before my new "Do". I had not put any product in my hair so it was all frizzy.
And this is me after the new "Do". Granted the makeup helps a lot as well! hehe
So the next day we went to church. I got rave reviews on my new haircut and color. But what really impacted me was chatting with a dear friend. She was encouraging me to do my best to look nice for MyHero. She explained that our husbands are going out into the work world and seeing women dressed for business everyday. We want them to feel like we are putting effort into looking nice for them. So I've been working on this. MyHero seems to be greatly appreciating this effort on my part. He makes comments about how pretty I look with my makeup on. 

Note here:  If you are reading this and are the mom of young children, please don't feel any condemnation on this point! It was after my first child was born that I actually stopped wearing makeup on a regular basis. Really, who has the time for that when you can barely get a potty break or a shower without interruptions? If and when you have the time and energy, then by all means go for the makeup. But in the meantime, love on those babies and know that your husband loves you with or without the makeup.

Now that my kids are teens and pre-teens, I really have no excuse not to be taking a few minutes everyday for this. I believe that it makes MyHero feel loved and respected. Especially since he knows that I'm doing it for him. I'm finding that I like feeling "pretty" all day as well.

This weekend, with all the craziness going on, I neglected to get school assignments made. When I did try to get them done, at the last minute, I realized that my printer was out of toner. I needed to print out records of the kids' work for the week to help me know what to assign for this week. Fortunately, my kids can STILL do their work. They just won't have their agenda to guide them.

It's nice to see ManBoy taking the initiative and getting his schoolwork done on his own. He has even completed his history without needing to ask mom for help 2 days in a row. Usually, he comes to me to help him find the answers from the text. I'm thinking that we have finally found the homeschool learning styles that work for him. He seems to do much better when he can take his time and read it from a textbook. My other two are doing well with doing their schoolwork online.

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