Thursday, January 17, 2013

Son, What Are You Going To Be When You Grow Up??

It's a rainy day out. I worked out and then went for a refreshing run in the rain. Well, the rain was refreshing but NOT the pain in my legs! I powered through the shin splint pain I was having and made it to the end of my run. Yikes! I need to find a way to run without having that much pain!

Now that I'm all cleaned up after the workout and run, I'm relaxing and trying to get a bit of work done. The rain isn't helping me to get motivated to do anything. This is great crochet and audio book weather!  Maybe I'll be able to do some of that later.

I've been thinking about homeschool-friendly colleges for my son. I wish he would decide what he wants to do with his life!! That would greatly simplify things! Since he loves to cook so much I did some research on local cooking schools for teens. They all seem to be way out of our budget. I thought it would be nice for him to get a chance to work with a professional chef in order to decide if he really wants to settle on this profession.

Too bad there isn't a career path for sitting and playing online games all day! He would excel at that! Any one need a Mine Craft player for their business?? No? I thought not! I tell you, homeschooling high school may just be the death of me! Or at least my sanity!


Jamie Gaddy said...

Motivation... the word of the year... :) I have a son who loves video games as well... I feel like such a big meanie when I MAKE him not play except for the weekends. We wouldn't get anything school done if I wasn't persistent about it, so I guess I'm just dishin' out some "tough love." Thanks for the great post - and encouragement to all of us who have similar children.

Dee said...

Jamie, it's so good to know that I'm not in this boat alone! Tough love is tough on the giver as well as the receiver!

Kat said...

My oldest is in 8th grade and we talk about colleges all the time. Actually, we talk more about trade schools...he's known since he was 5 that he wanted to be a chef. I know that could change by the time he's ready to complete high school, but for now, he's pretty set.

Having said that, it's no less stress, lol!

Good luck. It's nice to know that when I'm curled up in the fetal position, bawling like a baby in the dark recesses of my closet, that I'll have a great online support group to turn to, to talk me off any ledges. ;)