Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clearing the Shelves

I had the privilege of serving other runners this past weekend at a local Halfathon. Several of our running team were on hand to distribute water to the runners.

I'm on the far left with the red hair.
It was so much fun to encourage these athletes! I did discover that there is a technique to handing water/gatorade to someone who is in motion! Many of the more serious runners did not want to slow their pace to grab the cup, so we had to expect to get splashed a bit by the contents. What a wonderful way to pay-it-forward to the folks who were there to encourage and distribute water in my first two races.

Live here continues to move forward at breakneck pace. Too many times this week I've asked myself, where has the day gone?? I'm simply going to HAVE to train myself to get up earlier. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do all that I need to do, if I sleep till 9 am! Working out and running have been taking up a pretty large chunk of my days. Oh, yeah! And we are still homeschooling too. I'm also working to unload our multiple bookshelves of the books crammed onto them.

My hubby had the brilliant idea of having me purchase a barcode scanner to use to inventory all our books for sale. This will be so much easier than entering information manually into a fill in the blank database. I'm excited about the prospect of bringing in a small amount of extra income while emptying our bookshelves of books that we will no longer use.

Here are the bookshelves which need to be emptied. I also have boxes full of books that will not fit on these shelves. Part of the reason that we are pushing to get this done is because the two main bookshelves shown in the bottom picture are currently in Fashionista's room. There is a possibility of my sister and my aunt coming to visit this summer. We need these shelves out of Fashionista's room so that we can set up an extra bed for them to sleep in.

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