Friday, February 15, 2013

Just a Little Bit

On Wednesday I did something I've never done before! I was out for my run and several blocks from home when this Little Bit of a dog came toward me. He let me approach him and pick him up. I checked him for a collar and he had none. I asked people in nearby homes if they knew who he belonged to. They said that they had never seen him before. So, not knowing what else to do with him, I took him home.

Little Bit was absolutely filthy! Not only that but he was covered in fleas. I tried to give him a bath, but his fur was so thick and fluffy that it just started matting up. I ended up pulling out my scissors and dog grooming clippers and taking all that nasty, dirty fur off. He seemed to be relieved to get it off.

After the fur was gone, it was back to the bath. It took several sudsing ups to get him clean. There were fleas seemingly coming from nowhere all over his tiny face. It seemed to take forever to get all of them off.

Now that he was finally clean and more comfortable, I started the process of searching the internet and making phone calls to Animal Services, SPCA, the sherriff's office and, posting to Facebook and Craig's List. We even took a walk to the vet down the street several blocks to ask them to scan him for a microchip. He doesn't have one. I also put "Found Dog" posters up near where I found him and at the vet's office and our local library.

I knew that I didn't want to take him somewhere that he might be euthanized. So I told Animal Services that I prefer to keep him here until his owners can be found or a new family located for him. In the meantime, he is getting lots of love from my kids and me.

Yesterday, Fashionista and I decided to try to get an idea of how old Little Bit is so we tried to get a look at his teeth. There were no teeth! Now we understand why he wouldn't chew the kibble we tried to give him.

I wanted to make sure that Little Bit doesn't become re-infested with fleas or get our house infested, so MyHero and I went to the pet store last night to find flea medicine for him. In chatting with the store employee who was helping us, we realized that he most likely has worms. So she helped us find a dewormer for him. I would love to take him to our vet, but we really can't afford to do that.

I've gotten tons of offers to give him a good home but no owners have come forward. Anyone who takes him in is going to need to be prepared for a walking vet bill! Not only that, but he doesn't have good bladder control and piddles in the floor. My hero is NOT thrilled with the piddling and many might think twice about taking him in knowing these things. I'm praying that he is able to find a loving home soon so that MyHero doesn't insist that I take him to the pound!

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