Thursday, March 8, 2012

I missed this week's Weight Loss Wednesday. It's rather difficult to post when you are stuck in bed with a migraine. It hasn't been easy to convince the migraine to go away and stay gone either. I believe that I'm finally beginning to feel "normal" again, whatever normal is! Although, my medication is making me groggy so hopefully, I'm not posting a bunch of gibberish!

So for this week's Weight Loss update. I'm not sure how much if any I've actually lost this week. But I AM starting to fit into my skinnier clothes. Yippee!!

God never seems to let me take the easy road. My weight loss journey is no exception. I was really enjoying doing the EA Sports Active 2 on our PS3. However, it seems that every time I become consistent with doing something like that, I end up with yet another injury. Perhaps it's due to getting older in body, but not in mind.

Anyway, I found myself back at the Chiropractor this past week. I was informed that I have a tiny bit of arthritis in a couple of my disks along with a fair bit of swelling. The doctor told me that I am allowed to continue working out on my elliptical machine, but I'm NOT allowed to do the Sports Active for a while. Bummer! But at least I can still use my elliptical! 

What are my kids up to? I'm so glad you asked! Daddy instigated a bit of a crack down on chores this past weekend. Since then they have been doing really well with getting their chores and their school work done without having to be goaded into it.

ManBoy announced to me that he has finished the assignments for Language Arts in the online curriculum we use for homeschool. Now I need to figure out what to do with him until we are ready to tackle high school. Ack! Are we REALLY here already??

Perhaps one of these homeschool writing courses is the answer.

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