Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

I've heard of other people doing a Weight Loss Wednesday post each week so I've decided to take a stab at it myself. First, by way of update, I finished up my fast. I'm ashamed but not too proud to admit that I gained back every pound I lost during the fast.

Therefore, I'm taking on a new "strategy". I've been reading and started working through the videos for "Made to Crave". Basically, it's the same concept as what the other program "The Lord's Table" focuses on: Learning to crave God instead of food. However, I'm finding that "Made to Crave" speaks to my heart issues more clearly than the other did.

I've also been working out more regularly using, EA Sports Active 2. I have to assure you, this is NOT another Wii game! I'm actually using it with our PS3,  But still, whereas typical Wii games don't even cause you to break a sweat, these give you a legitimate workout. I'm seeing the pounds slowly start to drop off again. Thank you, LORD!

MyHero and I have also decided to start controlling the portions our family eats. Not easy when you are feeding teenagers! However, given the fact that Type 2 Diabetes runs rampant on MyHero's side of the family, and the fact that both our teenagers are overweight, we feel that this is a necessary step for our family. We don't want our kids to become part of any homeschool statistics regarding Diabetes!

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