Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dental Hijinks and Workout Traumas!

I took my kids to the dentist for the first time ever yesterday. Now before you start judging me, you need to know that we've never had dental insurance since we had kids. MyHero makes too much for us to be able to qualify for assistance and we couldn't afford to pay for it ourselves. Still not sure how we are going to pay for all these dental visits!

Anyway, they did amazingly well for kids who have never been to the dentist! I was shocked to find out that ManBoy (13 years old) and Fashionista (12 years old) each had only 1 cavity! RoboBoy (10 years old) didn't have any! The bad news is that both ManBoy and Fashionista have been referred to the Orthodontist for braces. Ack! REALLY not sure how we are going to be paying for THAT!

By the time we got home from the dentist, I had to dig up the motivation to workout. I have been so sore from my workouts lately.  My knees ache, my legs complain and my back moans. That didn't stop me from reluctantly donning my sneakers.

Monday I weighted my self and found that I'm down almost another pound. Woohoo! Of course, I would love to see the weight come off faster. Who wouldn't?? But I've come to the revelation that this race is not a sprint, but a long distance marathon where the slow and steady win the race. I believe it's those who get a good grasp on this point and hold on to it, will be able to loose and keep the weight off. I keep reminding myself, "This weight didn't pack on overnight and it's sure not going to come off overnight!"

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with ManBoy for this next school year. He is entering that scary world of high school! I know that even though he is homeschooled, there will be a lot more expected of him. I've never been one to give my kids writing assignments like reports etc. Perhaps that may need to change. I may need to consider some online tutoring in writing for them. Why, oh, why can't Time4Learning go through to 12th grade??


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain, Dee! I have 3 of my 5 kids in braces right now, and even with insurance to offset the cost, Ouch! It'll be worth it in the end. :)

Dee said...

Yikes! Glad my youngest doesn't need them just yet!

Kerry said...

awww...your new blog theme is so CUTE!!!

Dee said...

Thank you! I really like it too.