Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 12

Ever have one of those weeks that just gets away from you? Well, I've had one of those. My sweet friend and neighbor had eye surgery on Wednesday. I had promised to go over to put her drops in her eyes and make sure she was comfortably resting when she got home. I ended up spending pretty much the whole day watching for the medical transport to drop her off. It turned out that her surgery was delayed due to problems with the laser.

Yesterday morning I went to spend some time visiting with her. When I got home I remembered that my son had a doctor's appointment that afternoon. Hubby and I had to do a car swap, (he runs home, picks me up, I drive him to work and drop him back off), then I needed to shower and get ready to be in 'public'. By the time we got home from the doctor's, picking daddy up from work, going to the grocery store to get dinner, and back home again the day was pretty much shot.

I did drive my neighbor over to see her elderly mother and drop off a prescription for her at the assisted living facility where she lives. It was nice to see her mother again. I told her that I'm going to have to come see her every day because she kept telling me how good I'm looking. LOL

You'd think as busy as I've been that I wouldn't have much time to think about being hungry. I wish that were true! Wednesday night I was reading "Brisinger" to keep my mind occupied and read, "Orik fell silent as a portly dwarf waddled up and deposited a plate of steaming food in front of him." Suddenly, I was having visions of sausage gravy smothering biscuits and hash browns and scrambled eggs. That's SO not fair!!! I spent the rest of the night craving that meal.

In all this busyness I need to give thought to contacting our homeschool tester/evaluator. If I wait too long then before I know it June and July will be upon me. Not only that, but those testing slots tend to fill up quickly.

Homeschool standardized tests are not a requirement in our state. We do, however, have to have our kids evaluated once a year by either a certified teacher or a psychologist. This can be done by either testing or a review of the child's portfolio.

Starting Weight: 173
Current Weight: 164

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