Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Will Things Slow Down?

Busy, busy, busy!! That's me right now! Next week is VBS at our church. The two older kids have been going to help with decorating during the day. Since we only have one vehicle in our family, this means that I have to get up early enough to drop MyHero off at work. I also get to drop the kids off, go back and get them to bring them home and go back out later to get MyHero from work. All this running everyday is exhausting me! Yes, yes, I know. Many of you run like this everyday! My body just isn't used to it and my personality wasn't built for it. Being an Aspie, I'm much more comfortable just staying home.

I'm still hoping to get more homeschool planning done. It's been so crazy the last few weeks that I haven't managed to get any done for a while. One of the things on my list to do is set up spelling vocabulary lists for ManBoy's Biology course. I think it would be an excellent activity for him to play matching definition games using his biology words. But first I have to figure out which words to use and get them set up. Shouldn't be hard with the system SpellingCity has set up.

I also have projects I'm doing for work and a big project that is being prepped for me to start soon. I finished the afghan project I was doing for my Brother-in-law. He had ordered 3 crocheted afghans from me. Now I have an order for 2 sets of Star Wars figures. Yep! I'm going to be busy for a while yet!

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