Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Newest Goal!

Yesterday while I was working out, for some reason I started thinking about my birthday which is coming up the end of September. I will be turning 45 years old. Then I got a cool idea! Why not make it a goal to try to reach 145 lbs before I turn 45! Right now I am hovering at 157 lbs so that would give me 10 weeks to loose 12 lbs. I'm thinking with some determination and discipline, I can do it! I had a really tough workout yesterday that left me hurting last night. I backed off a bit today, but still got a great workout.

I'm also going to be extra careful about what I'm eating. I've gotten into the habit of eating ice cream and junk like that again. Keep telling myself, I had a really great workout today so I can do this. However, workout or not, that ice cream is probably part of what is holding me at 157!

This is the week that my kids are all at VBS Day Camp. It's a long day for them starting by having to get up around 6:30 every morning and not getting out of the church till around 3:30. For that reason they are getting a break from their online math.

As for me, I'm getting to enjoy having a quiet house for a few hours while they are away!