Friday, January 7, 2011

A Great Day

I needed to mail a letter certified mail today. We live close to the post office, had no vehicle and it was a beautiful day, so we walked to the post office. The library is right next to the post office so we went to the library too.

There was a flyer at the library for an Origami Workshop coming up next Tuesday. RoboBoy honed right in on it. We signed up to go. Maiden and ManBoy were on the computers, so RoboBoy got some Origami books from the shelf to look through. He had brought his origami paper and spent the time making different projects from the books.

That was pretty cool, but then school got out and the public school kids flooded the kids section of the library. They were fascinated by the game Maiden and ManBoy were both playing. Then they noticed RoboBoy and started asking him all about origami. It was really neat to see RoboBoy feels so special and important. As an Aspie (Aspergers Syndrome) Child he doesn't often get to feel that way. Those kids were so impressed by the things RoboBoy was making. RoboBoy even shared some of his origami paper with them so they could try making some of the things in the books.

RoboBoy holding an origami bat. That's a penguin and an apatosaurus in front of him. I would like to have shown the swallow, crane, pheonix and scull mask that he made too, but he gave those away at the library.
 On the way home all three kids told me several times what a great day they had. That makes their mom very happy!

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