Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Building Muscles and Vocabulary!

I didn't blog about my weight loss last week. That's because I felt like a train wreck all last week. I was having my monthly ickies, to put it delicately. Every month it is an ordeal. I have Endometriosis which causes lots of pain. Migraines also go hand in hand with my monthly ordeal. Yeah, doesn't make for a fun week!

I also didn't get any workouts in last week for the same reason. Based on my lack of exercise and extra calorie intake, (thanks to cravings), I fully expected to have gained back some of what I've lost. I was THRILLED when I stepped on the scale Monday morning to find that I'd only gained 1 pound back! I'm learning first hand how much having some muscles can help burn those calories! Yep, I'm going to be working to build more muscles!

As I posted last week, I've been purchasing new curriculum for our coming school year, specifically ManBoy's 9th grade year. For science he is going to be learning biology.  He will be using Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology. However, I plan to supplement his science studies using Spelling City. The really cool thing about this is that I can create my own spelling lists so that we can incorporate his spelling and science. I can even use that spelling word list to create our very own vocabulary quiz. How cool is that??

Plus, I can set up all these lists ahead of time and then assign them for each week of his curriculum. Then, I can go onto the site and check the records to see that he did the assignment and print out the same records to keep in his portfolio.

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