Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time 4... New Curriculum!

This past Saturday, I helped out at our local homeschool support group's used book sale. While I was there, I shopped for new curriculum for ManBoy. I made a couple of great finds which I'm hoping will fit with his learning style. I suspect that he is a visual spatial learner. I got him a couple of "Drive By History" DVDs as well as a couple of History Channel DVDs. He will of course need more than just these for history, but this is a start.

For Science, I found "Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology". The set included the text book, a tests and solutions book, an extra module one test booklet and a multimedia CD. I also found the experiment kit that goes with the set. I'm excited to have science covered for him.

For math, a friend of mine gave me a spectacular idea. She is a professor at our local community college. Her suggestion was that I go to their book store and ask for the remedial math section. She said that these books cover what ManBoy is struggling to learn and as an added bonus is also what is included on the actual entrance exam!

I even found curriculum to teach my kids French. I tried teaching them Spanish but just couldn't get into it. I took several semesters of French in college so I have a bit of knowledge under my belt. I suspect that I've forgotten the majority of what I learned though. I'm eager to brush up on my French.

Fashionista says that she wants to learn Korean instead. Yeah! Sorry, dear, but mom is not teaching that! She helps teach a 3 year old class at church and one of the ladies who works with her is Korean. She's been learning some cool stuff from her.

I still need to figure out what to do for Language Arts with ManBoy. What I would really like to use is Time4Writing. Just need to talk it over with MyHero and see if he will allow me to spend the money on this. I figure we are going to have to spend some money either way. I feel that this would be the best use of our money for this subject.

Anyone else getting ready to teach a new high school student? What curriculum are you using?

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