Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Encouragement in my Weight Loss

After such a discouraging weight loss week last week, I got some real encouragement from my weekly appointment with my scale. I'm down 2 pounds from last week! Yay! It was so good to see those numbers, but I'm still trying to keep in mind that the scale isn't the only indicator of how I'm doing.

I'm developing the habit of listening to my body's cues on when I need to eat. It can be SO hard to remember that I need to eat in order to loose weight! That just seems to go so contrary to everything I THINK I know about weight loss! The reality is that I know VERY little about it. Thank the LORD for friends who DO know about weight loss and fitness and are willing to teach me!

We celebrated ManBoy's 14th birthday Monday of this week. Actually we celebrated on Sunday. We had a mix of family and friends here. It was nice. My Sister-in-law's fiancé took lots of pictures. He even got some shots of my birds!

When they are being especially chatty, I call them my "Wordy Birdies"! he he Just a silly thing I came up with after learning about hig pig games.

We are STILL praying about what curriculum to use this next year for ManBoy. He has out grown Time4Learning and will need something to take him through high school. He says that he would rather have a book to read from rather than doing school on the computer. Not so sure about that. It is just occurring to me that I should see if I can figure out what his learning style is and try to find something that will complement that.

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