Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Word for This Year

It seems that the thing to do this year, rather than making New Year's Resolutions, is to choose a word that encompasses what you want out of the next year. This makes total sense to me. You can keep going back to that word to help you stay on track with doing the things that you've associated with that word for the year. My word for this next year is DETERMINED.
  • I'm determined to make spending time with Jesus every day a priority.
  • I'm determined to make my family first by clearing most of the other commitments I currently have off my plate. I've already taken some steps in this area following the Lord's leading. It's been a painful but necessary process.
  • I'm determined to stick to a consistent (or at least somewhat consistent) workout schedule. I also want to get my kids accustomed to a daily workout routine. I have a list of exercises that was provided to my kids by a friend who is a Personal Trainer. We will begin doing those exercises each day together, like many of us used to have to do in PE as kids. 
  • I'm determined to crawl out from under and conquer all the clutter that surrounds me! If I have to trash it, sell it or give it away, I want it out! I'm going to try to follow a recommendation from a friend to take a week and work on one area at a time, doing a little each day till it is tamed. I believe I'll start in the boy's room.
Can you tell where they've been stuffing everything when they are told to clean their room??
    And this is the other place that everything gets put.
  • I'm determined to work hard at becoming the wife my husband needs and the mother my children need.
  • I'm determined to make my home a place of refuge and comfort for my family and myself. A place where we will not feel embarrassed to have a friend show up on our doorstep with no notice. A place where we can all learn and grow in faith and love.

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