Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank you Lord!

Yes, I need to thank you Lord for that nice warm shower!! The water heater may be leaking, but at least it still produces hot water! The bucket under the water heater wasn't even a quarter full. I was even able to shave my legs without having to resort to the #8 guard and clippers! MyHero will be pleased! I think he was starting to wonder if there was some furry animal insisting on sharing our bed.

While I'm thanking you, Lord, thanks for the cans of Spam in the cupboard! Maybe you can help me think of something tasty to make with it? Perhaps Spam & Egg Omlettes? While we're at it, maybe together we can think of something to make with that canned mystery meat. It's supposed to be pork. I was thinking something with rice and the frozen broccoli that's in the fridge.

Oh and thank you for the 10 lb bag of beans sitting in a bucket in our kitchen! Also for the rice sitting in the bucket on top of it. We'll be eating good for a while!


Lil' Momma @ Five in Training for HIM said...

So many things to Thank the Lord for. Big and Small!

Dee said...

Absolutely! :o)

Betty @ Little Farm in the Big City said...

Love the new blog! Very pretty. I'm looking forward to more posts and updates from you! It's about time!

And do not get me started on Spam! My daughter was part of the Monty Python Spam Skit in Drama last year. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam!

Dee said...

LOL! Never seen that one. I bet it's hysterical.