Friday, December 24, 2010

We have the world's GREATEST friends!!!

Although I may have to think twice about posting blogs like yesterday's again, (that was truly meant to be a funny but heartfelt thanks to God for providing for us.) We have friends, (who will remain unnamed, you know who you are) who asked to come bring us a ham bone for our beans. Nice cover guys! After they got here they said that they wanted to pay for a new hot water heater for us! MyHero and I both tried to dissuade them. Next thing we know another friend was on our doorstep offering to help install the new water heater! So we ended up getting a new hot water heater for Christmas!

God is soooo awesome!! I love how he uses his people to bless others!! You guys absolutely blessed our socks off!! Btw, the beans were really tasty with the ham bone in them! You should have stayed for beans and cornbread! Love you guys!! Next time it's our turn to bless you!
Celebrating the true reason for the season!!!
Merry Christmas!

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