Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post-Christmas Shopping! Ack!!

It was extremely hard to get up this morning to go to church. We were needed to serve in the resource room or we probably would have slept and gotten up to go to 2nd service. It's always a blessing to be able to help the Sunday School Teachers. This morning I actually got to go hang out in the 3rd grade class for a bit. I was talking to one of the little boys who was telling me all about what he got for Christmas, (Lego Batman for DS) and how they had to wait and wait and wait for their neighbors to get home so they all could open gifts together. Then he commented about the coloring pages they had to color, "I'm actually not the coloring guy, I'm more of a worksheet guy." he told me. Too cute!!

We had a surprise appearance in our worship service by Franklin Graham! Our pastor said in the 2nd service that he was praising God that he hadn't known Franklin was going to be there! He was pretty excited that he got to have his picture taken with him though. Now I can tell people that I went to church with Franklin Graham, (one time).

After a wonderful Christmas service at the end of which several people gave their lives to Jesus, we HAD to go shopping. The kids each had $60 in gift cards to spend and couldn't wait. So we made a trip to Walmart. Maiden chose a pair of boots, (she's been asking us to get her boots since last year at Christmas). That's not the most practical shoe for Florida and we tend to run short on funds, so the answer till now has been no. She also got 3 Barbies! She kept exclaiming, "this is the best day EVER!!"

ManBoy got a StarWars computer game, but couldn't find the DS game he wanted at Walmart.

RoboBoy started out with a soft-shot air riffle (which he's been planning to get with his Christmas $ for months!). Poor little guy! It would have helped if his parents had known that you have to be 18 years old to own one of those! The lady at the check out had to tell us that he couldn't buy it and I could tell she felt horrible when RoboBoy burst into uncontrollable sobs. But then she wouldn't even let MyHero buy it because "she'd know it was actually for RoboBoy."

We ended up going to GameStop and then Toy's R Us before everyone had what they wanted and was happy. RoboBoy got a nerf gun that's almost as big as he is and shoots rapid fire like a machine gun. Nerf bullets were flying this afternoon! ManBoy found the DS game he wanted, "Mario & Luigi, Partners in Time".

We finally made it home for a very late lunch and some chill/play with the new toys time. I spent my afternoon finishing up making the crocheted toys I made for the kids.
Maiden has Princess Peach, ManBoy is holding Mario and RoboBoy has a fruit bat, (he loves bats!)

All three toys together.

Princess Peach & Mario. Aren't they a lovely couple? If only Mario could protect Peach from getting kidnapped by Bowser!

Now I have to figure out how to make Yoshi for MyHero! RoboBoy wants a Bowser! I'm going to be busy!