Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 6

My big news today, I think I've been released to crochet again! My arm is feeling much better. It only pains me once in a while now. Also, I'm much more aware of my motivation for crochet. I think my first project, before I go back to the afghan I was working on will be something for my daughter's birthday.

She wants me to make a crochet cat for her, so I'd like to do that. But I also want to make her some crocheted rollers for her hair. She's been using small towels and wash cloths from our linens to attempt to curl her long, very thick hair. I've found some really cool patterns for crocheted curlers and think this would be much easier for her. Not to mention looking much less silly! Also, I can stuff these with cotton wool so that they will absorb the moisture from her hair better. Because her hair is so thick it takes FOREVER to dry!

Starting Weight: 173
Current Weight: 166

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