Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lesson in Finishing

RoboBoy has his very first keyboard/piano lesson today. I was corrected for calling it a piano. Oops! I told him last night that he needs to clear a path in their room so he and his piano teacher can get to the keyboard! We don't want her to take one peek into that room and run away screaming!

In other news, (this is my best newscaster voice, by the way!), we started back to school this week. My kids do pretty well with our Time4Learning curriculum. However, ManBoy took issue when I told him that he needed to work on his FLVS assignment. FLVS is our state online schooling program. We get to use it for free and still be registered as homeschoolers.

So back to what I was saying. ManBoy is taking a math class with FLVS and HATING it. It wasn't so bad in the beginning, when we could have opted out with no penalty. But now he tells me that it's too much for his brain. The problem is that now we can't drop the course without him getting an F for all his work. At the moment he has a C in this class. He is about halfway through it so with mom's help and "encouragement" (Mwhahahaha!!!)  he's going to keep trudging through it.

The way I see it, this is a great lesson for him in finishing what you start. Hmm, maybe I need to take this lesson in finishing that blog writing course I started a while back and then got too busy to finish!

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