Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to the ole Grind!

Most of you probably started back to school this past week. I put it off for another week. My hubby had Monday off and quite frankly I'm not looking forward to getting the kids back into doing school. It's not going to be easy pulling them away from their games and they have gotten used to being lazy. Ok, so I guess I have too! It's just been so nice to not have to worry about school for a while.

So I did manage to get lesson plans done for this coming week. Although I did it kicking and screaming and throwing a 2 year old tantrum. LOL Anyone else feeling my pain???

RoboBoy, who got a new keyboard for Christmas, (thanks to the Lord leading us to a FANTASTIC sale!) will be starting lessons on Wednesday. A dear friend has a daughter who has been wanting to start teaching. 

ManBoy got his 200 piece art kit for Christmas so I believe I will have him go through the art lessons on Time4Learning again. May even throw in a few art games just to keep things fun for him. 

Things will pretty much be business as usual for Fashionista as far as school goes. I may have her go through the art lessons again as well. She loves Japanese Anime, especially girly pics. She's informing me that it's also called Manga. She says that Manga is books and Anime is shows. Wow! I just learned something new today!

Hmmm, maybe getting back into the swing of things will not be as painful as I'm anticipating!

One of Fashionista's drawings.

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topsy-techie said...

Oh you are not alone in being corrected on the Manga/Anime issue. I used to mix those up all the time. Who knew that was almost as unacceptable as interchanging Pokemon/Yu-gi-oh??!! Yeesh!! ;)