Monday, January 23, 2012

Ready or NOT!! DAY 1

Probably about 2 years ago now, I participated in a weight loss program called, "The Lord's Table". If you are interested in finding out more about it, you can find it over at, Setting Captives Free. It was wonderful, MyHero and I did it together and we both lost weight.

At the end of course 1 they offer an optional course 2 which consists of a 20 day juice fast. I chose to do the fast. It was extremely difficult and wonderful. I didn't loose much weight during the fast, but I do believe that my relationship with my Lord was strengthened.

Recently my friend, who turned me on to "The Lord's Table" in the first place, asked me to do this fast again, this time with her. She has an amazing and encouraging tale of her own! Check it out at More of Jesus, Less of Michele.

At the time she asked me, I spontaneously said, "I need to do something since I've not been feeling motivated to do anything healthy for my body lately!" The closer I got to actually starting the fast, I started to balk. I knew that this is going to be HARD! I mean who, in their right mind, enjoys denying their flesh?? Michele, graciously encouraged me and I decided that yes, I DO need to do this!

So here I sit on DAY 1, eating my breakfast of fruit. The first 2 days of the fast are transition days. You have only raw fruits and veggies before moving to nothing but veggie broth and fruit smoothies for the next 16 days.

I'm supposed to be giving up my coffee as well. Maybe the Lord will have to convict my heart on this one, but I just don't see it as the vice so many want to make it out to be. I only have my two cups in the morning then I switch to water.

 Along with this fast I am doing my best to FEAST on God's Word! I decided that the perfect Bible study to go along with this fast would be my printed copy of "The Lord's Table" course 1 study guide. It is filled with scripture and will help to set me in the right frame of mind for this fast. So this morning I read Day 1 "Proper Motivation: The Glory of God".

I have to confess that my motivation to loose weight has NOT been God's glory for quite some time now. I'm asking Him to change my heart to want to glorify Him in my weight loss.

One sentence near the end of today's lesson caught at my heart today. It says, "In closing, we must have proper motives to live our lives correctly, including the forming of proper eating habits." I felt the Spirit whisper to me, "Any motive other than to glorify God becomes hypocrisy and idolatry." OUCH!!! I guess I'll be chewing on that one for a while, even as I transition into 16 days of no physical chewing!

My Beginning Weight: 173

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more of Jesus, less of Michele said...

I need to remember to have the proper motive too! It's so easy to make this just an exercise in self-discipline. I'm glad you've decided to join me!