Monday, January 26, 2015

In Egypt

Genesis 46

And God spoke to Israel in a vision at night and said, "Jacob! Jacob!"
"Here I am." he replied.
"I am God, the God of your father." he said. "Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will go down to Egypt with you, and I will surely bring you back again. And Joseph's own hand will close your eyes."
Genesis 46:2-4

I love how God reassured Jacob. What a caring and compassionate God we serve!

God even arranged things so that Jacob and his family got the best of the land. Not that that lasted for all of his descendants. 

I wonder why shepherds would be detestable to the Egyptians? All I can think of is that Egypt is a type of the world. My Shepherd is detestable to this world. They don't see him the way I do. Their eyes are blinded by the evil one.

Lord, please use me to shine your light into their blinded eyes so that you can cure their blindness and bring them into saving relationship with you. 


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