Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Salt and Light Retreat Quiet Time Sunday

Hebrews 12

V.1 Lord, you know how easily sin has tripped me up and still does. Help me to strip that weight off because sin's power over me is broken. Help me to run with endurance the race set before me!

V. 2 Lord, you know that there are times when I'm out running when I just want to stop before I reach my goal. Especially when I'm running in a race the pressure is on to keep running and not stop. The secret to being able to endure in a race is to find that pace that my body is able to maintain. It can be hard to keep that pace without a pace setter. It's tempting to go too fast too soon without that. Lord, you are my pace setter. I keep my eyes on you as I run. As I do this consistently, you perfect my pace and help me to run better and better with you at my side.

V. 3-4 Lord, when I think of what you endured for my sake, it gives me the strength to keep on going for you. The things I suffer can't even compare to what you went through for me.

V. 5-6 I thank you for the discipline you administer to me. Thank you for the spankings and slaps to my hand, because these things train me in righteousness.

V. 7-9 If you didn't spank me then I wouldn't truly be your child. Lord, I submit to your discipline  so that I can grow up and live in your presence forever!

V. 10-11 Lord, do whatever you need to do to train this foolish and rebellious heart! I want to share in your holiness. Lord, I'm thinking of how my roomies and I were talking last night. They were sharing about their pasts and how you have brought them so far. I was feeling like I've lived such a sheltered life and praising you for being my shelter. But even though I've led a sheltered life, I have a human heart. I have a sinful nature that wants to drag me into all kinds of trouble. Lord, though I may seem so sweet and innocent to outsiders, YOU know the ugliness that is inside me. You know that I have just as much capacity to sin as anyone. Lord, I pray that you would continuously cleanse me. Show me the areas in me that still need your spring cleaning. I don't need to go looking for these and trying to scrub them myself. My efforts would only be like someone trying to clean a dirty counter with a filthy rag. It would only smear the mess around more. You want me to wait for you to show me the areas that need cleaning and then watch as you pour your blood over it. As your blood washes over what is left is clean, sparkling and disinfected!

V. 12-13 Lord, this weekend has been about getting a new grip with my tired hands and strengthening my weak knees. You mark out a straight path for my feet so that though I may at times feel weak and lame, I will not fall, but you make me strong.

V. 14 It has been easy to live in peace while here, but I'm going home to my family and all the realities of my life. Help me to take with me all that you've taught me this weekend. Help me to work at living a holy life.

V. 15 Help me to continue to look after my salt and light sisters so that none of us will fail to receive God's grace. Let me keep short accounts so that no root of bitterness grows up to corrupt many.

V. 18-24 I praise you God that I have not come to a place of condemnation and fear, but a place of forgiveness by your sprinkled blood! Lord, I am part of that assembly of your firstborn children whose names are written in heaven. Praise Your Name!!

V. 25-29 I want to always listen to your voice Jesus. Give me a faith that cannot be shaken! I want to thank you and worship you with holy fear and awe because I am receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable. Lord, show me how to worship you like that! God, I know that you are a devouring fire.

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