Saturday, January 23, 2016

We Have a New Sister in the Lord!!

I am on cloud 9!!! The girl from across the street, who I have been praying for, came over this morning to tell us that she prayed to accept Jesus!!! The Lord used the death of her dear friend to facilitate this. The young man who I posted about a couple days ago. She went to his funeral yesterday and the pastor talked to her about the "Key to Salvation" as he called it. She told him that she wanted to know Jesus so he helped her pray the prayer of salvation.

I had prayed just this morning for God to send me someone to disciple. So I knew he had answered that request. I asked her if I can disciple her and she said yes. I gave her my Salt & Light booklet and told her to start with day one. I had already given her an NIV Bible and told her that I am going to get her a journal. We are going to meet on Saturday afternoons. Please pray that God puts questions in her mind and answers in my mouth. I am so excited but also worried that I will say the wrong things. I want to only share God's words with her!!! As long as I am sharing HIS words, I can't say the wrong thing.

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