Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Urgently Need to be Sharing the Gospel

My heart is heavy this morning thinking about Matthew, the young man who sometimes lived across the street from us. I found out yesterday that he died in his sleep some time last week, from an over dose of drugs. I pray that he truly knew the Lord. Only God knows his heart. 
I had the wonderful privilege of sharing the gospel with this young man one time. He told me then that he occasionally attended a Baptist church in the area. He was so excited to hear the gospel and told me that he had others he wanted to tell. I gave him a Bible which he promised to read.
My message to my believing friends is this: if the Spirit is prompting you to share the gospel with someone, don't wait! Do it right away! Proverbs 6:4 "Don't put it off, do it now. Don't rest until you do." 
You just don't know if you will get another chance to share with that person. They may enter eternity before you get another chance. We have a message that urgently needs to be shared with everyone the Lord prompts us to share it with!! So lets get out there and share it!! I love you all!! 
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